Any of these your Dad, Son, or Husband? ‘Russians leave dead to Rot…

Putin doesn’t care about the Russian Citizens—just his own image and legacy. Russia’s losses: Personnel – dead 273,980 +520 & wounded 821,940. Armored combat vehicles 8868 +17. Tanks 4635 +7. Artillery 6096 +34. Aircraft 315. Helicopters 316. Ships and boats 20.

Russia has been forced onto the defense since earlier this year, but they have used some offensive tactics as a means to distract from the other beatings they are getting in the south…

Russian offensive forces were defeated near Kovalivka, Luhansk region

Invaders’ infantry with modern Russian tanks were neutralized near Kovalivka in the Luhansk region.

In the first half of August, the Russian command conducted offensive actions in the direction of the village of Novoiehorivka.

During the battles, the Ukrainian Defense Forces neutralized Russian infantry, destroyed armored vehicles, and stopped the invaders’ advance.

The battle took place between the settlements of Kovalivka and Novoiehorivka in the Luhansk region.

Now the Russian invaders have continued their offensive on the Kupiansk-Svatove line, but have not achieved significant and confirmed success.

Russia’s current local offensive efforts on the Kupiansk-Svatove line are likely to have achieved little result and are aimed at distracting Ukrainian forces from more important frontline areas and counteroffensive operations instead of capturing tactically significant areas of territory.

Their offensive tactics mainly consist of the archaic ‘Human Wave’ attacks – as they did in Bakhmut and other areas. Results against a strong defense usually result in lots of ‘rotting corpses under the sun’ and/or lots of quickly filled graves:

Human wave tactics are demoralizing the Russian army in Ukraine

It is no secret that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has not gone according to plan. Nevertheless, with the conflict now in its second year, Vladimir Putin still hopes to break Ukrainian resistance in a long war of attrition.

This may be easier said than done. While Russia enjoys significant demographic, industrial, and economic advantages over Ukraine, questions remain over the ability of the once-vaunted Russian military to achieve the Kremlin’s goals. Crucially, an apparent reliance on human wave tactics during Russia’s recent winter offensive has led to catastrophic losses which threaten to undermine morale within the ranks of Putin’s invading army.


Bombing of Ukrainian cities resulting in the total destruction of entire residential areas throughout Ukraine. War Crimes such as the capture and deportation of thousands of Ukrainian children.

Tens of Thousands of Russian dead troops – Putin only cares about his own image and legacy.


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