Was Putin ‘Raised’ as a ‘Protege’ of Adolf Hitler?

Putin’s NaziRussian irredentism is nothing new – in fact, irredentism is an M.O. of Russia, and has gone on for centuries. Putin’s lies prior to the ‘Special Military Operation’ (aka “SMO” and “SVO”) are basically out of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Play Book prior to invading Poland.

Similarities between Hitler & Putin never seem to end—it’s almost as if Putin had been raised as a protege of Hitler.


  • 1) Hitler used the term ‘Defensive War’ to protect supporters of Germany and German citizens living in Poland.
  • 2) Putin used the term ‘Special Military Operation’ to protect supporters of NaziRussia and Russians citizens living in Ukraine.

Putin also said:

…that Ukraine’s claim to statehood is entirely baseless. In a televised address to the nation, Putin explicitly denied that Ukraine had ever had “real statehood,” and said the country was an integral part of Russia’s “own history, culture, spiritual space.”

Most everyone then knew that Putin really wanted back all the pre-1990/91 borders under the former Soviet Union. Unfortunately for Putin’s NaziRussia – and his cronies, generals, advisors, and diplomats – none of them had expected the Ukrainians to fight for their freedom & lives.

Some people believe that Sergey Lavrov is a great ‘Diplomat’, but his speeches & actions seem to be nothing but empty threats—used to cover Russia’s disastrous reinvasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine.

Like Hitler’s invasion of Russia that ultimately failed, Putin now finds the nation he reinvaded is fighting back, and has forced the Russians into a defensive position that gets weaker every day.

There were five forms of governance that migrated from theory to reality in the 20th Century: Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism and Progressivism. The common denominator among them was unprecedented control and regulation by the State over human activity. It is delusional to think that the Totalitarian impulse expired with the 20th Century.‘ – E. Nuff Said


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