Ukrainian Military Landed in Crimea – “Special Operation”

Tucker Carlson’s 8/21/2023 Ep.18 interview of Colonel Douglas Macgregor was a history lesson on how to broadcast ‘Fake News’ as if it were actually factual. Meanwhile, Ukrainian flag raised over Robotyne and now the Ukrainian Counteroffensive is also carrying out ‘Special Operations’ in Crimea. Tucker, here’s a Hint for you on any future attempts at Ukrainian war reporting: First Steps to Getting Started in Open Source Research.

The promise of open-source intelligence:

THE GREAT hope of the 1990s and 2000s was that the internet would be a force for openness and freedom. As Stewart Brand, a pioneer of online communities, put it: “Information wants to be free, because the cost of getting it out is getting lower and lower all the time.” It was not to be. Bad information often drove out good. Authoritarian states co-opted the technologies that were supposed to loosen their grip. Information was wielded as a weapon of war. Amid this disappointment one development offers cause for fresh hope: the emerging era of open-source intelligence (OSINT).

Satellite images cost several thousand dollars 20 years ago, today they are often provided free and are of incomparably higher quality. A photograph of any spot on Earth, of a stricken tanker or the routes taken by joggers in a city is available with a few clicks.

That was a quick snippet – they have become a paid site now. Point is, free & reliable Open Source info is all over the internet, but Tucker Carlson & other news agencies don’t seem to use it and/or know about it!?

Tarkhankut Peninsula

Yusov: Soldiers of the Defence Intelligence landed in Crimea:

In the course of a special operation, a subversive group of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine landed on the Crimean coast.

Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, reported this in a commentary to Hromadske.

On August 24, at about 5 a.m., explosions were heard near the village of Maiak on Cape Tarkhankut, as reported by the local residents.

The Krym. Realiyi project reported, citing its own sources, that a battle involving watercraft and combat aircraft took place in the area.

Russian propaganda media also reported that a group of unidentified persons on rubber boats landed on the Crimean coast in that area, and a battle ensued.

According to Krym. Realiyi, a base of the 3rd Radio Regiment is located near the landing site of the sabotage group, with the Nebo-M radar system and the Kasta-2E2 radar system deployed there.

These facilities specialize in locating air targets and can be used to detect Ukrainian aircraft, drones, and cruise missiles moving from the Black Sea.

The Ukrainian Counteroffensive has been all over the Russian invaders—and has the Russians stretched so thin that they are unable to be everywhere the Ukrainian Counteroffensive is.

The Ukrainian military landed in Crimea as part of a special operation. What is known?:

On the morning of August 24, a battle of the Ukrainian military took place in the temporarily occupied Crimea with the forces of the occupiers with the participation of watercraft and aviation. The Ukrainian military made a landing as part of a special operation.

The spies conducted this special operation in cooperation with the navy, Yusov noted in a comment to “Suspil”. The GUR notes that the operation “had the character of a raid”: Ukrainian military personnel completed their tasks and returned.

Special reconnaissance units were able to land on the shore atTarkhankut Peninsula, in the area of ​​Olenivka and Mayak settlements. During the execution of the task, the Ukrainian defenders engaged in battle with units of the occupiers.


Prep work going on, as the Ukrainian Counteroffensive prepares to cutoff Crimea from the rest of the Russian occupation areas.

War of Attrition – ‘Starve, Stretch and Strike


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