Russia preparing MASSIVE Military Draft & Soviet-style Govt

Russia had Ten’s of Thousands of their Troops killed in their reinvasion of Ukraine, in the first year. Ten’s of Thousands more are now crippled for life. So many Russian Troops have been killed or injured that Russia had problems replacing them quick enough.

Solution: ‘marry Soviet-style societal control measures with big data and 21st-century information technology to intensify control over the Russian population after Russia used facial recognition, QR codes, and mobile device geo-tracking technology to enforce a draconian COVID-19 quarantine in 2020.

Russian lawmakers back bill on electronic military draft papers:

Russia’s lower chamber of parliament, the State Duma, has adopted a bill on electronic military draft papers that will crack down on those dodging military service.

Lawmakers approved the necessary legislation with lightning speed on Tuesday with near unanimity.

Last year President Vladimir Putin’s order to call up hundreds of thousands of men to boost regular forces in Ukraine kicked off an exodus, with tens of thousands rushing to leave the country.

The new legislation that was adopted on the second and third readings on Tuesday will make dodging the draft and fleeing much more difficult, observers say.

Snip .. Under the new proposals, the summons will be sent electronically to a potential draftee’s personal account on the main government portal.

They would be considered delivered as soon as they are delivered electronically ..Snip.. Men who don’t respond to the electronic summons will be immediately banned from leaving the country.

‘Just one click’

Those who fail to show up at the enlistment office within the 20 days following receipt of the electronic draft notice will not be able to take out loans, register property or work as individual entrepreneurs.

Snip .. “Now, with just one click, it is possible to send almost everyone to the trenches,” StalinGulag, one of Russia’s most popular opposition bloggers, wrote on social media.

Yeah, Russia is planning on drafting *MASSIVE* numbers of eligible citizens for military service this year — last year proved that drafting Hundred’s of Thousands doesn’t provide enough ‘Cannon Fodder‘ for the Russian leaders in their unprovoked was against Ukraine.

Russia plans on drafting at least a *MILLION* eligible Russian citizens for military service this year, and are setting up a system to quickly draft more when needed, IMHO.

More ‘Snippets‘ from ISW‘s — Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, April 11, 2023:

  • 1) The Kremlin passed legislation to use tools of digital authoritarianism to digitize and improve the effectiveness of issuing summonses and crack down on Russian draft dodgers.
  • 2) Russian military recruitment offices will use the digital register to issue summonses to military service.
  • 3) The unified register harvests Russian citizens’ personal identification information—including medical, educational, and residence history, foreign citizenship status, and insurance and tax data—from multiple Russian legal entities, including Russia’s Federal Tax Service, investigative bodies, courts, medical institutions, the Russian Pension and Social Insurance Fund, the Central Election Commission, and federal and local authorities.

Paper Bear‘ Putin ‘n his cronies don’t care about the Russian people. They are going to fully reinstall the old Soviet-style of government and force Russia’s citizens to summit or die.


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