Trump — PWNED by the Deep State

I voted for Donald Trump twice, and would still support him over any Democratic party candidate. However, his ‘inability to adapt‘ to many of the crises he faced as President of the United States was staggering, and reveals a political weakness that he will never be able to overcome, IMHO.

I will totally obliterate the Deep State”:

Trump’s lack of any political savvy left him wide open for attacks from the Deep State previously, and he obviously still lacks that needed political savvy. Trump is PWNED by the Deep State.

Earth to Trump

You’re basically asking for a second chance to do a ‘Job‘ that you were ‘Fired‘ from. Your failure was caused by these four points:

  • 1) During your 2016 Presidential campaign you promised to ‘Drain the Swamp‘, but you were unable to even drain *ONE* drop of water from it.
  • 2) You were President, and was unable to choose a reliable Attorney General—starting wid the moron Jeff Sessions. That was the beginning of your downfall, IMHO.
  • 3) You were President, and allowed the coronavirus outbreak to become a full-blown pandemic hoax under your watch.
  • 4) You were President, and during your campaigning for a second term as President you warned about the potential of a ‘rigged election’, but was unable to fully expose it or even stop it.

Drop Derogatory Nicknames for your GOP 2024 Rivals

Before the Democratic party’s Deep State gets done wid you, you may need a Presidential Pardon. Such derogatory name-calling leaves many observers wid the view that you are willing to take the GOP down wid you if you lose the 2024 Republican Party Presidential primaries. Trust me, neither Biden or any other Democrat President will ever pardon you if you are ever convicted.

Your unprovoked attacks on DeSantis have given me pause on supporting you, if you win the 2024 Republican Party Presidential primaries, against Biden or ‘Whomever‘ the Dems run.

At first, I thought to vote for the Democrats’ Presidential candidate—if you win the primaries, but am now leaning against voting for any Presidential candidate—*IF* you win the GOP primaries.

Ed ‘Grand Master of the Sistine Selfie‘ Morrissey

I’ve followed Ed Morrissey since his early days at the old Captain’s Quarters blog, and then continued to follow him when he moved to HotAir in 2008. Just started following him on Twitter — Ed ‘Grand Master of the Sistine Selfie‘ Morrissey. 😊Ed has always left me wid a smile on me mug 😊

Ed is one of the best at ‘news analysis and commentary from a conservative perspective‘ that I have ever read. Here’s a recent article of his — Tiny D? Or Tired D?:

Old and busted: “Ron DeSanctimonious” and “Meatball.” New hotness: “Tiny D”?

Supposedly, that’s the new scornful nickname that Donald Trump is field-testing against the man everyone assumes will be his toughest challenger, according to Bloomberg. One could try quibbling with their sourcing and claim that it’s nonsense, except (a) Team Trump has always leaked like a sieve, and (b) it’s Trump’s basic campaign tactic, or perhaps even his signature move.

Snip .. Assuming this is accurate, it paints a picture of someone going through the motions. Trump had the field to himself for three months, and yet barely budged to take advantage of it. He’s held a few rallies and called a few names, but Trump has had a grand opportunity since mid-November to set himself up as a ‘shadow president’ of sorts. He could have called together key experts, produced extensive policy outlines on major issues, and stumped the country to build support based on his substance.

Instead, Trump has mainly holed himself up at Mar-a-Lago. The East Palestine train derailment was a significant exception, and Trump seized the moment wisely.

Snip .. The overall impression thus far from the Trump effort is “tired.” That’s true of Trump’s lack of campaign energy, and especially true of his nickname strategy. That may have been fun in 2015-16 as a novelty act, especially when skewering competitors that Trump and his supporters saw as “establishment,” but the novelty has long since worn off of Trump.

One-trick ponies singing their only hit song over and over again eventually wear out their welcome.

Snip .. Trump plans to run against DeSantis on some substance too, and a look at DeSantis’ congressional track record is fair game. But it also shows that DeSantis can do what Trump apparently cannot: adapt.

Snip .. DeSantis has adapted; Trump has not. DeSantis has energy to burn, engaging voters and donors around the country while still making high-profile policy moves in Florida. Trump has barely engaged at all, and is plotting a 2015 strategy in a 2023 environment, either unable or unwilling to recognize that his position has changed. It points back to Trump’s fatal weakness in the pandemic — his inability to adapt to the crisis and tone down the chaos around himself and his campaign, which led to voters seizing on a chance at normalcy instead.


Dems ran the obvious brain dead Biden ‘n moronic Kamala Harris against Trump last time, and won!?!

Rumor has it, this time, that the Dems plan to run Biden ‘n Fetterman just to be safe, even tho both are white men.

Too early to tell right now who will be the 2024 Republican Presidential candidate.

Also, is Trump going to be a Republican Party unifier or divider? I think divider, but hope I am wrong.

However, if the 2022 Midterm election was an indicator, then the Republican party may start bleeding voters if Trump wins the GOP primaries.

Ditto on—However, if the CPAC 2023 low attendance and lack of sponsors was an indicator, then the Republican party *HAS* already started bleeding voters.

Ditto Ditto on—However, the abortion issue will be well behind us by November of 2024, so maybe the Democrats will be bleeding even more voters by then…🤞


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