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Windows 11 23H2 update – Dell laptop got it already

Karmi November 2, 2023

My Dell XPS 13 got the 23H2 update on 10/31/2023, but my three home built desktops still haven’t gotten the update. My computers are listed Here. Was doing a daily


Is Microsoft making Windows 11/12 a subscription OS? – β€˜Do the Math!’

Karmi October 13, 2023

Microsoft’s FY 2022 revenue for Windows was a staggering $24,761,000,000.00 (almost 25-Billion dollars). About 1.6-Billion people use a MS Windows OS. Is Microsoft willing to cut about $25-Billion in revenue


VELOCIFIRE Wireless Mechanical Keyboard – TKL71WS with Ice Blue Backlit

Karmi October 8, 2023

The VELOCIFIRE Wireless Mechanical Keyboard TKL71WS 71-Key Tenkeyless Brown Switches Compact Gaming Keyboard with Ice Blue Backlit for Copywriters, Typists, and Programmers is the best keyboard I’ve ever owned, and


Alpine Linux 3.18.4 – Small. Simple. Secure.

Karmi October 7, 2023

Alpine Linux caught my eye the other day, in this article: Looney Tunables: New Linux Flaw Enables Privilege Escalation on Major Distributions. Other major Linuxes were found to be vulnerable


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