Category: Totalitarianism

Democratic Party: the party of Antisemitism, *HATE*, and Hoodwinkers

Karmi October 20, 2023

Antisemitism: ‘hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group’ – Merriam-Webster. *HATE*: ‘Without HATE the Democratic party would Collapse’ – Karmi. Hoodwinkers: ‘Plural of hoodwinker.


EU to Russia – ‘War in Ukraine is an “existential threat” to Europeans

Karmi October 2, 2023

Putin made the biggest mistake in Russian history by reinvading Ukraine. That is now his Legacy, but he keeps hoping that the Europeans and/or the Americans are going to help


Why Russia can’t beat Ukraine – ‘Stupidity’ from Putin down…

Karmi October 1, 2023

First, they reinvaded Ukraine whilst winter was still going on. Second, they did so whilst believing Ukraine would surrender within a few days to a week. Third, Russian troops were


Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) warns Russia about ‘attacks on the Ukrainian energy sector

Karmi September 26, 2023

Russia’s exhausted Troops & Draftees are facing the Ukrainian “General Frost” this Winter, stuck in their cold & wet trenches, and with the Ukrainian troops bearing down on them. Now


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