Putin’s Military Command changes since start of reinvasion on Feb 24, 2022

Paper Bear‘ Putin fancies himself as a great Military Expert – when in reality he is nothing more than a totalitarian Tyrant with lots of experience as a ‘Crooked Cop‘.

Here are some of the Military Command changes he has made since he foolishly reinvaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022 — whilst also foolishly believing he would ‘capture Kyiv in mere days‘:

  • Notice that he had not appointed an “Overall Theater Commander” of the Ukraine reinvasion until Army General Alexander Dvornikov was appointed on April 8, 2022.

From Institute for the Study of War (ISW) – Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, April 30, 2023:

.. Snip .. Putin likely sought to present himself as the commander-in-chief and the mastermind of the successful invasion of Ukraine. Captured Russian military plans revealed that the Kremlin expected Russian forces to capture Kyiv in mere days, and Putin had likely wanted to declare this speedy invasion a personal geopolitical victory. Putin may have been reluctant to appoint a commander for this invasion to avoid crediting a military commander with the military victory in Ukraine – a dynamic similar to the one between Soviet leader Joseph Stalin and Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov during World War II. Stalin had limited and outdated wartime experience and was reportedly jealous of Zhukov’s military exploits and fame. Putin has no military experience, which may have further contributed to his decision not to appoint a commander for his invasion who could have upstaged him by claiming credit for the expected dramatic victory.

Putin appointed the first overall theater commander, Army General Alexander Dvornikov, in April 2022 in response to Russia’s failed attempt to drive on Kyiv but had replaced him by the end of May due to Dvornikov’s inability to achieve Putin’s high expectations in the first months following the retreat from Kyiv. Putin appointed Dvornikov immediately after Ukraine’s counteroffensive around Kyiv as he likely became aware that the war in Ukraine would become a longer operation requiring a more defined command structure. Dvornikov was the Southern Military District (SMD) commander at the time and throughout his tenure as overall commander. Putin reportedly instructed Dvornikov to capture Donbas by the Victory Day holiday on May 9, setting Dvornikov up for failure (although neither Putin nor Dvornikov may have realized that fact at the time).


Read the entire Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, April 30, 2023 article at ISW for all the Command changes that Putin has made in his unprovoked War against Ukraine.

Putin has exposed the Russian Military’s weaknesses to the entire world – a Treasonous offense for any leader.

Claiming that he had wanted to stop the so-called ‘NATO expansion‘, Putin has in fact caused the expansion of NATO’s borders wid Russia – and America has already said that Ukraine will now be allowed NATO membership when ‘n if they win this war. Finland just became the newest NATO member, and Sweden is on the path to NATO membership.

Russia’s World Standing has also fallen, as Russia falls from World Leader to a ‘World Beggar‘ begging Iran for ‘Scraps‘.

“Equal pardners” wid China — 🤡🤔🤣😂🙃— *NOT*!!! Russian people need to start paying attention – Russia is about to become China’s second Pit Bull, wid North Korea being China’s longtime Pit Bull. No “Equal pardners” is ever going to happen now…

More results of ‘Paper Bear‘ Putin’s foolishness at being Russia’s Commander-in-Chief:

How Russians became the ‘barbarians’

Moscow’s neighbors erecting border walls are inadvertently helping Putin corral his people into the army and a wartime economy

Having recently passed a new military conscription law that many criticized as the advent of a “digital gulag” for draft-eligible men, Russia found itself in a surprising new situation.

Russia’s approach to stopping its citizens from leaving the country might seem progressive: it doesn’t involve any metal-and-concrete fortifications or tangles of barbed wire. Instead, there’s only a unified system of digital documentation and biometric data. It makes draft letters easy to deliver — and no one can pretend that they’re not home to sign for their notice. The system will penalize those who don’t report to the draft office, with restrictions tantamount to depriving them of income.

Meanwhile, Russia’s neighbors are introducing new visa restrictions for Russian citizens and erecting actual walls along their shared borders.

Russian’s finally got a taste of Freedom — Thanks to former President Ronald Reagan & America — and Putin is slowly removing that Freedom. Until Putin is stopped, it will only get worse for the Russian people…


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