Putin also losing War’s “Information Space”

The once feared Russian Military has been exposed as bully who whines ‘n cries when his intended victim punches him in the nose.

Open Source research sites have quickly exposed the Kremlin’s lies during their re-invasion of Ukraine, which has been disastrous for the Kremlin’s attempts at controlling the “Information Space“.

Even attempts at controlling their own information space has been a disaster for them, and watching what goes on behind the scenes has been comical to watch. Open Source research sites have showed squabblings between Russia’s Pro-War Bloggers, other milbloggers, Russian MoD, Kadyrov’s Chechen forces, and the Wagner Group.

The promise of open-source intelligence – ‘It is a welcome threat to malefactors and governments with something to hide

ISW (Institute for the Study of War) goes behind the scenes in Russia every day, and the Kremlin doesn’t even try to hide what is going on anymore, since they can’t until they stick the Russian’s behind a thicker, longer, and higher Iron Curtain than even the Soviet Union had.

Ukraine certainly refuses to be thrown behind an Iron Curtain again. I suspect that a majority of Russians don’t want to be thrown behind another Iron Curtain either, which is why Putin hasn’t made a stronger push to do so.

They started the war’: Russia’s Putin blames West and Ukraine for provoking conflict … Who the heck actually believes that!? Like the sovereign Ukraine is not allowed to pick its own associates ‘n friends without Russia’s approval!?

That was the message of Putin’s much anticipated State of the Nation speech. That is akin to the rapist blaming the father, husband, and raped wife for the rape.

That is akin to Russian soldier Alexey Bychkov blaming the mother for his raping of her infant daughter – A Russian soldier named Alexei Bychkov has posted a Telegram video in which he rapes an infant.

War’s “Information Space”

Cartoonist Michael Ramirez adds his take on Putin’s failed State of the Nation speech, his failure to even control Russia’s own information space, and exposes Russia’s losing of the Information Warfare operation – Michael Ramirez: Putin’s Feigned Indignation 02-22-23:


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