Winter in Ukraine = *ADVANTAGE* Ukraine – ‘so sorry li’l Vladi “Adolf” Putin!’

It has been obvious, since Russia invaded Ukraine on 2/24/2022, that Putin’s Russia had built their military for the murdering of Civilians…for the terrorizing & torture of Civilians…for controlling other & their own Populations…for the raping of Women, Children, and Babies…for Forcible Child Transfer (see Article II (e) of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide).

Speaking of Russia’s “Forcible Child Transfer” actions: Kidnapping of children by Nazi Germany -During World War II, around 200,000 ethnic Polish children as well as an unspecified number of children of other ethnicities were abducted from their homes and forcibly transported to Nazi Germany for purposes of forced labour, medical experimentation, or Germanization.

Seems that Putin’s Russia has been using Hitler’s Nazi ‘Playbook‘ for decades now, huh. Now we can understand the meaning of their Z (“Zwastika“) military symbol:

Putin tries to rebuild Military

Putin’s unprovoked invasion of the sovereign Ukraine nation has been disastrous for Russia. First, he has exposed to the entire world just how weak ‘n unorganized the Russian military is. Second, the Russian people have now lost all semblance of freedom and their chance for a better economic future. Third, loss of military personnel & equipment in just 10-months is record setting, and the incredible numbers of lost military personnel & equipment will take years to rebuild, at best.

Failure at most every step, e.g., in attempting to replace missiles & drones Putin was forced to beg Iran for help. He clearly paid a lot for drones, but ‘Jack Frost‘, ‘General Winter‘, and ‘General Frost‘ have already made Iranian drones freeze up at just the beginning of the Ukrainian Winter.

Even Putin’s attempt at replacing tens of thousands of dead soldiers thru conscription and that rushed “Chaotic Draft” plan were more than just unorganized. Fact is, moments after Putin announced the pending draft plans, “hundreds of thousands of men fled the country.” Many of the ones who were unable to flee were drafted, then rushed into combat with little training & shoddy equipment, and are now dead or crippled for life.

Winter is here, and Russia’s rebuilding Army is about to get a new test – ‘the Kremlin’s soldiers in Ukraine are the demoralized invaders, facing rasping sleet and snow, and temperatures that plunge to -20 Celsius, and lower‘.

Jack Frost‘, ‘General Winter‘, and ‘General Frost

They may have aided Russia against the Napoleon & Hitler invasions, but Russia is the ‘Invader‘ now, and it has been losing since the second day of the unprovoked invasion. Now, Winter is here, Russia is in the early process of rebuilding an Army, and much of that Army is already untrained, ill-equipped for winter, and in Ukraine.

General Frost” in service of the AFU. Kremlin daunts Ukraine with cold winter but it’s Russian soldiers who should be in fear:

  • The first snow has fallen in Ukraine, and in the near future the temperature will be steadily below zero – the winter that the Kremlin has been daunting Ukrainians with for so long has arrived. Russian propaganda presents “General Frost” as a loyal ally of the Russian army, who had helped it during the wars against Napoleon and Hitler. Military experts believe otherwise: Russia is much less prepared for war in winter conditions than Ukraine (and this is already affecting the frontline), and examples from national history should rather alert the Kremlin, because frost had helped those who fought on their own territory.

(NOTE: AFU = Armed Forces of Ukraine.)

  • The Kremlin makes no secret of the fact that the strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure are aimed, among other things, at leaving the country without heating during the winter period. In Ukraine, as well as in the West, this is well understood. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky have all been saying the same thing using different expressions: Putin will try to turn winter into a weapon (weaponization of winter in English, or “big freeze,” as Ukrainian commentators figuratively call this strategy) because he cannot succeed by purely military means.

(NOTE: Putin has focused on taunting European & Ukrainian Civilians on their ‘freezing to death‘ this Winter, but apparently doesn’t realize what his own troops are about to go through.)

  • The Ukrainian military started preparing sledges in summer, they raised the issue of winter uniforms with Western allies back in July … By early December, Ukraine received 195,000 sets of winter uniforms from Great Britain alone. Germany transferred 116,000 winter jackets, 240,000 hats, 80,000 pants, as well as 200 tents and 195 generators. In October, Canada committed to supply 500 thousand winter jackets, trousers, shoes and gloves. Clothing, thermal blankets, heaters and winter food rations are known to have been delivered from more than a dozen NATO member states.

(NOTE: Again, failure at most every step by Putin, e.g., before he invaded Ukraine, Russia had a 755-mile border wid NATO nations, and after the invasion he is about to have a 1,555-mile border wid NATO once Finland & Sweden become members.)

  • What about the preparation of the Russian grouping of troops for winter? As far as we can judge from open sources, there has been no systematic work in this regard so far, in spite of the fact that the calendar winter has already arrived … The responsibility for getting winter gear for mobilized soldiers has been placed on themselves and the volunteers … the State Duma deputy and reserve lieutenant-general Andrei Gurulev is publicly perplexed why 1.5 million uniform sets are missing from the depots.

(NOTE: Winter is here, and “1.5 million” Russian winter uniforms are “missing.” Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up!?!)

  • The army leadership did not seem to have learned any lessons from the spring experience. During that period, Russian soldiers were getting frostbite on their limbs on such a scale that it seriously affected the combat effectiveness of entire units. According to the Conflict Intelligence Team, in one operational area only one battalion-tactical group had tents, and only 20% of the personnel had winter uniforms (having bought them at their own expense).

(NOTE: “the spring experience” refers to the earlier period of the unprovoked invasion, and Russian soldiers were getting “frostbite” in much warmer weather than what they are about to go through!?!)


Like Adolf Hitler before him, li’l Vladi “Adolf” Putin is about to lose a War during Winter, IMHO. Instead of Winter Uniforms for the Russian soldiers, they are getting New Year’s gifts of ‘Cheap cigarettes, tourniquets, and cereals in a garbage bag‘…


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