Stella Morabito – “The ‘Whiteness’ Smear Is Really An Attack On Private Life, Relationships, And Universal Values”

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Anyone who has spent more than a few hours studying the history of Slavery will realize that the “20 and odd” Angolan Slaves, who arrived on August 20, 1619 in the British colony of Virginia (AKA Colonial North America and/or British North America), were some of the luckiest Slaves in the history of Slavery. Well, actually, they were sold as “indentured servants.” Check this out:

Between one-half and two-thirds of European immigrants to the American Colonies between the 1630s and American Revolution came under indentures.

Just a few African Slaves ever made it to Colonial North America, i.e., ‘Only about 388,000.‘ The rest went to South America and the Caribbean.

Arab-Islam Slave Trade has been going on (trans-Saharan trade) since the 7th century BC, and continues to this day even tho in much smaller numbers. Earlier, all the male African Slaves were immediately castrated (young & old), and 50% of the Slaves died along that route. Numbers are now buried by America’s Democratic party, for political reasons & to maintain control over African Americans, but DR. JOHN HENRICK CLARKE had stated that some 30-40 Million African Slaves were traded by Arab-Islam traders.

Stella Morabito

Your personal relationships are a critical source of your knowledge. They determine how you perceive the world and inform you about the larger world. In that sense, we might say that relationships based in mutual trust and affection are the ultimate source of power. This connection has always been well understood by dictators, large scale and petty alike. By ordinary folks, not so much.

But you’ve noticed, haven’t you? Certain folks who seem addicted to power are always trying to control personal relationships, always seeking to destroy human bonds that get in the way of their agendas. That’s because people who feel socially isolated — or who feel the threat of being socially isolated — are more easily controlled.

Political correctness is little more than a tool of psychological manipulation. It serves to isolate people through fear in order to silence and control the lives and knowledge of others. We delude ourselves if we think we can “opt out” through silence every time we’re confronted with an attack on our beliefs. Cocooning only pulls us deeper into the PC matrix by isolating us further from each other. It only serves to seal off the doors.

The ‘Whiteness’ Smear

The ‘Whiteness’ Smear Is Really An Attack On Private Life, Relationships, And Universal Values:

Identity politics aims to humiliate ‘whites’ by constantly accusing them of their presumed ancestors’ role in things they didn’t do themselves.

As social wounds fester, identity politics spawns social distrust and dysfunction. Political correctness cuts us off even further from open conversation with others. The agitation of mobs intimidates people into greater isolation. All these processes erode civility and grow the worst primitive instincts in people.

Whiteness’ Is a Code Word for Universal Values

The Evolution of Self-Loathing

…But most people just want to live and let live. In general, an ordinary black person just wants what every ordinary white person wants: a place of his or her own to call home; close family; satisfying friendships; good schools for their children; good cheer; and the opportunity to explore, to discover, to build, to work, and to have a purpose in life. There’s nothing supremacist about that and certainly nothing white.

I recall a quote from a Soviet dissident who described the yearning for such freedom as a desire simply to own a little plot on which to grow one’s own tomatoes. I think that sums it up.

Humans are humans…tending to ‘Herd‘ together, IMHO:


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