‘WordPress.com vs Self-Hosted WordPress’ – OBT (‘On-the Blog Training’)

Not positive yet, but it’s ‘Feeling‘ like I am slowly moving away from both WordPress.com & the Linux Newbie – since 1996 blog!? Just purchased a Hostinger Self-Hosted plan on 10/27/2022 (for testing), and then purchased a 4-year Hostinger Self-Hosted plan & started the Karmi’s Musings & Tech blog on 11/2/2022. See Web Hosting Info ‘n Ideas page for more info. It has been a fast ride to this point!

Block Editor

This all basically started when WordPress.com decided to replace the Classic Editor wid the Block Editor, and left the bloggers wid few choices:

  • 1) accept out decision
  • 2) pay $300 ‘n ⬆️
  • 3) ‘Git Along Little Bloggies

Well, I paid the $300 a year price, twice, for the Business plan. Just downgraded from it to the Premium plan, 5-months early because I didn’t want to pay $300 for a third time, and thought I might need to make some quick decisions soon. WordPress.com seems to be ‘Silently‘ trying to force encourage $300-540 users to move away from the Classic Editor, or else they are not maintaining it properly…maybe more on that in another post.

Back to the Free plan

I am probably going to renew my $18 linuxnewbiesince1996.com Domain Registration before 3/8/2023, but downgrade to the Free plan.

Have only used about 400MB’s out the 3GB’s on the Free plan. I have no problems WordPress.com, and will still maintain my WordPress.com blogs…tho I may drop the Big Brother Report blog at some future point. That is a new political blog, so may just move my political posts back to the Ol’ Swamp Hermit’s Report blog that started in 2004.


Lots of work over at the Hostinger Self-Hosted Karmi’s Musings & Tech blog, but more fun than I have had in years, and I am always having lots of fun!

During this short time working on the OBT (On-the Blog Training) tests ‘n experiments, I have found the entire surroundings over at the Hostinger Self-Hosted site much more suited towards a ‘Hermit‘ like humble me.

WordPress.com is probably too much about ‘WordPress community‘, ‘WordPress Happiness Engineer‘, Social platform, Stats, followers, ‘Following‘, ‘Likes‘, comments, ‘Herd Mentality‘, etc. for me now, i.e., for my primary Blog.

Never really thought much about it before now, but blogging wid Hostinger’s Self-Hosted platform suits an individual like me. For example, I had contacted their support wid a LONG list of technical questions like – ‘can I pay someone there to edit my favorite WP Theme, the Rowling, wid a Theme File Editor so that it works like it does on WordPress.com?‘ That was probably the easiest of my questions. Support respond wid:

I’d like to note that we specialize mostly in website hosting, which means that our website development help is limited at best. However, we’re still more than happy to answer all of your questions related to our service and send you some tutorials/guides, so you can learn everything yourself! 💪

I also recommend that you get in touch with a qualified developer/programmer who will help you better understand your website’s code as well as help you in developing your website. You can find developers for a very reasonable price on sites such as Fivver. 💜

You can also get this help for free at StackOverFlow.com, where you can ask professional developers for help! You will get some decent advice on programming best practices there 😊

Please do let me know if something’s not clear, I’ll be glad to help you out 💜

Support covered all my questions in that reply, but I made a mental note at that time that Hostinger is a “Self-Hosted” platform, and I had a feeling of freedom wid that thought.


I was going to make a series outta this, but then realized that I should post it on my new Karmi’s Musings & Tech blog. I may do a ‘Reblog‘ of it from Linux Newbie blog, but there seems to be no WordPress.com reblog button on my Theme or an option for one on my Admin Dash.

I’ve already had to add two dropdown menus (for Categories & Tags), and plan on doing an Archive dropdown menu when my second month rolls around here. I’m editing Theme files ‘n uploading folders to other folders in those Theme files, and haven’t broken anything yet.

I’m using the Multipurpose Blog Pro Child Theme instead of the Multipurpose Blog Pro Theme because it is safer to do editing in. I don’t know all the techs about “Child” themes, but throughout my many searches that term has come up often when editing a theme is mentioned.

Having FUN FUN FUN!!!


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