Madonna’s Karma may be more than she can handle…

Many suggest that Karma is ‘what goes around comes around‘ as if it is locally focused. However, even though a human is physically local here on Earth, that human is dealing wid more than just ‘Local‘ Karma, i.e., the human also becomes both a ‘Transmitter’ to the Universe & a ‘Receiver’ from it when Karma is involved. A human may only be sending out signals locally & Universally, but those returning signals from the Universe can be far from any human’s imagination. Certainly more than just ‘what goes around comes around‘.

I am a Spiritual person, but not in religious sense. I have observed Madonna’s behavior towards the Catholic church for a long time, not closely observed, but observed enough over decades that it…it forms something in my mind in the present.

First time I even noticed her, if I recall correctly, she had just rejected an invite to meet wid some pope. Maybe it was Pope John Paul II? She was saying something about how famous she was, and that maybe the pope should’ve ask for an audience wid her. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but she caught my attention by whatever she had said.

Now Madonna is seeking an audience wid Pope Francis. Karma? It is not a fast Karma, which suggests that her signals have traveled for a long time ‘n even longer distances, IMHO. The returning signals are from a long trip around the Universe, and they dwarf the signals she had sent out.

Her ‘Local‘ Karma has already been at her for 10-15+ years, as her aging has been tremendously upsetting for her. She could get past that pain if she focused more on the wonders of old age, e.g., the mental & spiritual aspects. Old age means that your body is in the process of physically dying, and all kinds of physical changes are happening. Definitely not where an aging human should be placing their main focus of life on.

Enjoy the ‘Golden Years‘!


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