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Russian Polls of Draft (aka “Conscription” or “Universal Military Obligation”) aged Male Citizens

Karmi February 4, 2023

Russia has held more drafts, conscriptions, and partial mobilizations during last year than they had in the previous 10-years. Russia has claimed only a few thousand have been killed in


Russia’s ‘Musical Chairs’ of Generals & its non-stop ‘Infighting’

Karmi January 29, 2023

I read one South African (a German living in SA), who supports Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, ignorantly claim that ‘Paper Bear‘ Putin is a “hands-off” military leader of this


Media & Investigative Links to Russia’s War on Ukraine

Karmi January 27, 2023

Usually, I trust the Democrat’s mainstream media (MSM) puppets less than North Korea’s, Iran’s, China’s, and Russia’s Govt news agencies all put together. However, any news coming out of the


‘Trickle-down Tanks’ – Germany sending Leopard 2 Tanks & allows others to export them

Karmi January 24, 2023

\o/ ‘Hippity hip Hoorah‘ \o/ – Ukraine is going to get the much needed Tanks it wanted! Ukraine will now be able to drive Russia out and return Ukraine to


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