Category: Totalitarianism

GarageGate – White House & DoJ Cover-up Extraordinaire *AND* who is Kathy Chung?!

Karmi January 21, 2023

What is Biden ‘n the DoJ (FBI?) trying to cover-up? The DoJ sent the FBI ‘n Democratic party’s MSM puppets to raid Trump’s home, but the White House & DoJ


What to expect from Democratic Party Leadership – in California

Karmi January 19, 2023

Democrats egotistical attempt at saving Planet Earth, since Mother Nature is soooooo weak and in desperate need of *HELP* from the much more powerful humans (snicker), Genius Progressive States like


Twitter & Twitter Blue finally *BREAK FREE* of Progressive’s Totalitarian control!

Karmi January 18, 2023

America’s Progressives now seek to totally destroy Elon Musk for exposing them, ‘The Swamp‘, and the Democratic party. Twitter was a powerful tool for the Democratic party & ‘The Swamp‘


“Big Brother in the Kitchen” – a Cartoon is worth a Thousand Words

Karmi January 17, 2023

US federal agency is considering a ban on gas stoves: Richard Trumka Jr. (son of former Union *BOSS* AFL–CIO president Richard Trumka), a US Consumer Product Safety commissioner, set off


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