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Putin also losing War’s “Information Space”

Karmi February 23, 2023

The once feared Russian Military has been exposed as bully who whines ‘n cries when his intended victim punches him in the nose. Open Source research sites have quickly exposed


Colonel-General Ivashov (RUS Retd) *WARNED* Putin – ‘On the Eve of War?’

Karmi February 15, 2023

Russia didn’t become the largest country in the World (landmass) by being friendly wid their neighbors. Russia has a long history of invading ‘n reinvading their neighbors, and apparently most


Is Vuhledar an example of Russia’s Military Offensive capabilities? 🤔

Karmi February 12, 2023

Certainly seems so, especially when looking back at Russia’s disastrous early results from its 2/24/2022 unprovoked invasion of the sovereign Ukraine. Remember those pics of *HUGE* Russian convoys of tanks,


Putin’s ‘Putinism’ has become Putin’s ‘Pussyfootism’

Karmi February 6, 2023

‘Paper Bear‘ Putin accidentally exposed himself for what he truly is when he foolishly decided to invade the sovereign nation of Ukraine. At the same time, he also exposed how


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